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I really enjoyed writing a blog this quarter. A lot of it was challenging because I am new to blogging but it was a great learning experience. I created a PLN this quarter about health and fitness. Learning how to create a blog roll was complicated for me. But after watching the WordPress tutorials on Canvas it helped me complete my project and it helped me navigate through WordPress better. The way blogging can help and be useful in the future is that it is another way for companies to get their word out about their company and values to their customers.  


Marketing Jobs

Looking for many different types of marketing jobs and jobs in general makes you think of the different skills that you have and that you need. For many of the different types of e-marketing jobs, a person needs to have proper leadership skills and be able to work well and creatively in a team. I have been in many types of leadership positions. I have also worked in a teams in school and at work. However, as an employee, I have never worked really creatively in a team. Also, many of these types of jobs you need experience and an education background. I am currently working on the education part. I am finishing my Associates at Pierce College and transferring to Brandman University to work on my Bachelors then my Masters. The experience would need to come from getting an internship or apprenticeship. I however, am really not interested in Marketing but the type of job I would want would have to do the social media. So a lot of these traits that are required for an e-marketing jobs would be required for the leadership type of job that I would want. It is better to look for internships and apprenticeships while still in school that way when you graduate with your Bachelors or Masters, you will have the experience that companies are looking for. 


I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I have always wanted to own my business, even though what that business is has changed over the years. I could relate to what Cameron Heralod talked about in his Ted discussion. As a kid I did not sell things like he did or look for opportunity. However, as a teen I was diagnosed with ADD and also depression. I was put on a few different medications and when I said I did not like them or they did not work for me I was put on different kinds. After about a year of testing different medications, I just stopped going to therapists and doctors. I stopped taking all medications because they made me foggy and its hard to described how it made me feel but pretty much it made me feel blah. So I do not think we should be medicating our children. Especially if they are at an age where they can make up there own mind. Yes I was diagnosed with ADD but I kept a 3.6 GPA. I worked so hard on assignments and on studying and I still do in order to retain all the information. Parents should teach their kids to go out and find “jobs” at a young age like the speaker talked about. This would help them be able to embrace these traits and utilize them as an adult. 

New Lifestyle Update

At the beginning of this quarter my first post was about my new lifestyle. I have finished my PLN about being healthy. I have included many resources that would help somebody lose weight, eat healthy, maintain a weight, and stay motivated. The things I have posted have all be directly linked to my own personal weight loss. When trying to find things to post for my PLN, I would search topics that I have recently learned about while in personal training or talking to people at the gym. I would then search the topic and learn more about it. My own progress has been great. Even though I think I should be doing better then what I have been, I am still doing really good. I have lost 20 pounds so far this quarter while maintaining a great GPA for my classes. I have been cheating on my diet lately because I have been crunching down on a lot of assignments for classes but I have not gained any weight back and have not cut down on time at the gym. I have realized that you are responsible for everything that you do. You can’t get made at scale because it doesn’t say what you want, maybe you should not have eaten that pizza then you wouldn’t have plateaued on your weight loss goals. 

Thank You!


My Motivation

My Motivation

I found this on Pinterest and thought it was really cool. I have it saved as my laptop background. This way whenever I am on my laptop, it helps me be motivated to go to the gym later.



These are resources that I use regularly to help figure out new work out and also healthy eating. 

1. — it might not help a lot of people but he is a trainer at VisionQuest. He is actually my personal trainer and I have seen so many results from him. His website has links to the supplements I take (DotFit is the brand) and why it is important to be taking things such as multivitamins. It also has a lot of information on things to help you know what is going on at the gym and how to reach him. This link may not help a lot of people but it has helped me a lot in the long run.

2. – I discovered this site about a year ago! I ordered the Insanity DVD off of it and ever since then I have used it as a reference. It has so many links to articles about healthy eating and exercise that have helped me over the past year… even though I just got seriously about losing weight a few months ago at the beginning of the quarter.

3. – This is my gym’s facebook page. I find it very helpful to keep me motivated because they are constantly posting things such as quotes to help motivate their clients. 

4. – This is a board on Pinterest that I check often! It changes all the time and it is full of motivational quotes as well as different workouts that you could do to change up your routines. 

5. – this is also another board I look at very often! It is a board about food and such! Even though it has a lot of temptations for bad food, it also has a lot of good things and recipes you can try. You just have to search. I also go into the “search” feature on Pinterest and will type in things such as “low-cal chicken dinner” and recipes will pop up that I have never tried. 

Great 10 Minutes Ab Workouts For Women To Lose Belly Fat Fast by FreeFromFat

I thought I would post a different type of video then why eating healthy and why exercise is important. I looked for a video that would be a good work out and be short so people could see that you don’t need to go to the gym for hours a day to get the results that you want (eventhough I do think that is going to help you get the results the fastest). I actually did this video before I posted it and my abs were sore after, it was hard to finish the workout!!!


My Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle by ebee228

I have found so many videos by ebee228 on YouTube. I think she is great and she has many tips on being healthy and what you should do. I like this video in particular because it has tips on what someone should do in order to lose weight or gain weight (muscle).


Helpful Fitness Motivation Tips by ebee228

This video is great because it has so many motivational techniques! She explains positive thinking. She said you need to reward yourself for meeting your goals. This goes from your little goals to your big goals! She has an example of when she meets a goal of running a consecutive 5 miles she will buy herself a new pair of running shoes. It was very helpful and it made me think of many different things I hadn’t thought of.


Fitness, Motivation & Workout Playlist ❤ by LittleMissLaura

This video is a video I found on YouTube! I could really relate to her and what she has to say. She talks about what she does at the gym and what she does at home in order to maintain her weight. She talks about the music she listens to keep her motivated and to keep working out!


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